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  1. 1. Become a model
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Visit Italy

DO IT. i have a house there, its amazing

Become a model

I’m Chloe and im currently 14. I’ve always wanted to be a model but thought that it wasn’t right for me. Instead i’ve done some photography and am studing textiles at GCSE’s. I have got a 7A for my textiles grade so far. For my job i’d either like to be an interior desinger, fashion photographer or fashion designer. I’m not overly obsessed by latest fashions because i like to be unique. Although Jackwills and Abercrombie&Fitch are great passions of mine. I get Vogue every month and read other fashion magazines regulary. Being a model isn’t about just being pretty, you’d have tobe able to work with what you have been assinged. People have the label of being a model as just pretty and skinny and only want to do it just to say ‘I’m a model’ but to me its much more, it’s art.


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