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  1. 1. Pay back my Dad
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  2. 2. Go to Brazil
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  3. 3. Compete in a triathlon
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  4. 4. make a short film
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  5. 5. Live in San Fransisco
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  6. 6. Volunteer for the Coast Guard
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  7. 7. Go surfing in Asia
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  8. 8. Travel the Middle East
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  9. 9. become trilingual
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  10. 10. Start my own business
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  11. 11. Polarise opinions
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Put on half a stone in muscle! (read all 2 entries…)

Smashed this…up from 12st 5lbs to 12st11, and I feel amazing…stronger in football, look better & more confident!

Finish my internship and perfect my Spanish and Potuguese

Well the internship bit, 6 months speaking spanish, advanced Portuguese classes was great…still got a bit to go though!

Start a blog for film makers

Cool so I’ve started the blog….

I’ve got my mission statement….

I’m a 25 year old documentary film student from London. I’m interested in films from around the world whether they are documentaries, feature films, cortos or animations. My dream is that this page becomes a hub for film-makers across the world to get their movies seen.

Now I need to start – developing some content around movies, films I like, that are interesting, start uploading my own work and hopefully for others to start uploading theirs!

Get this IPA exam out of the way first though….

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