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  1. 1. learn to Irish dance
    8 people
  2. 2. tell him my secret
    3 people
  3. 3. make love outdoors
    83 people
  4. 4. go to the Pacific Northwest
    6 people
  5. 5. Take more pictures
    15,331 people
  6. 6. decorate my home with my own artwork
    2 people
  7. 7. visit every continent
    1,934 people
  8. 8. Compost
    176 people
  9. 9. listen to more music.
    743 people
  10. 10. publish an article
    189 people
  11. 11. bicycle more
    11 people
  12. 12. stop being angry
    120 people
  13. 13. sell my artwork
    218 people
  14. 14. speak Czech better
    2 people
  15. 15. live in asia
    38 people
  16. 16. kiss in the rain
    15,042 people
  17. 17. play the cello
    1 cheer
    145 people
  18. 18. learn Spanish
    18,251 people
  19. 19. own a Beagle
    9 people
  20. 20. live in a sustainable home
    3 people
  21. 21. Ride in a hot air balloon
    2,742 people
  22. 22. go zorbing
    377 people
  23. 23. paint more often
    293 people
  24. 24. See the Northern Lights
    19,131 people
  25. 25. visit every national park
    71 people
  26. 26. hike the appalachian trail
    2,104 people
  27. 27. control my anxiety.
    187 people
Recent entries
Visit the Czech Republic
Please venture outside of Prague

Prague is lovely, but utterly full of tourists, even in the winter. I HIGHLY recommend seeing other parts of this lovely country. Try Oloumoc for a smaller version of Prague with less tourists (but don’t go on Sunday, or it’s basically dead.) For natural areas, I adore Adršpach, also Český Ráj is nice, as is Snežka (tallest mt. in Cz), and the caves of the Moravian Karst. Moravia is the wine region, and is nice, though I don’t know it as well. Brno is the second largest city, and is a fun place to explore also. I haven’t made it to Plzen or some of the other cities. But please, if you want to go to the Czech Republic, don’t limit yourself to Prague. (Be warned that Český Krumlov is also overrun with tourists, and as far as cute Czech towns go, not necessarily the best of them.) And ANY Czech you know will go a long way and people love if you try even a couple words. Everything is connected by public transportation.

Participate in National Novel Writing MOnth

Just do it! Get yourself a sweet writing pen and notebook and carry it with you EVERYWHERE. Write down any plot or character ideas that come to mind, even a funny line, so that you can remember it later. Also get yourself some really good music without any words to listen to while working. For me, I liked going to different places, the library, a coffeeshop, a different library, the living room, a different room in the first library; even if the changes were small, the change in scenery really kept me on track. I finished with over 50,000 words, always had intentions to go back and edit it and I never did. Maybe I still will eventually, but regardless, I am glad that I did this, and probably will again at some point.

be vegetarian
Becoming Vegetarian

The thing that I was most worried about was how my family would react. My brother still gives me crap about it, and makes sarcastic comments while waving meat in my face. It took awhile for some of my friends to accept it’s not a phase. But my mom’s really great about it when I come home on breaks from school. If she makes chili, she makes some for me in a separate bowl without the meat, but more veggies. And I certainly don’t miss meat. I never get cravings at all. But if you’re one that does…I have confidence that you’ll get through them, just remember why you’re doing it, repeat your reasons to yourself, and your desire will likely turn to disgust pretty quickly.


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