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master cleanser (read all 2 entries…)
day 7 cont'd

honestly. i feel like vomiting right now. anyone know why or experience the same thing?

master cleanser (read all 2 entries…)
Day 7

So I feel utterly, utterly nauseous today. I almost couldn’t walk to work. I had to break the fast by buying some natural fresh orange juice and sipping it in desperation.

I have a new and profound love (and respect) for food now that I’ve never had before. While i feel lithe and light on the step, the dizziness and fatigue seem to outweigh the good parts . . pun intended.

anyway, i’m sitting at my desk wanting to collapse and throw up.

is this maybe the detox part of the program? they said it woudn’t be easy. but honestly, i can’t get any work done when i feel like breaking down.

also, i can’t tolerate the smell of cigarettes anymore. which is a good thing. another good thing: realizing i can go without food (and alcohol) for a week. wow.


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