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How to go to a pro soccer game
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3 days
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How to save $3000 dollars and be credit card debt free
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6 months
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How to ride my bike across the floating bridge
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1 day
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learn to program

I started with two steps to learning how to program:
1) I signed up for an online course at O’Reilly School of Technology.
2) I picked up a Java programming book and started reading.

The book was 100% more helpful in learning both the concepts of OOP and Java than the online course. I found myself reading the book then logging in to my course to complete quizzes and assignments.

Now, I’m enrolled in a degree program that starts tomorrow. I’m so nervous because it’s been a long time since I’ve been in school and the course material is much more intimidating than any psychology class I ever took before!

On the plus side, I have an extremely supportive husband so I’m ready to jump in!

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Cheese and Crackers

I am fairly “well behaved” when it comes to eating. I eat my fruits and veggies, I eat mostly whole foods with ingredients I can name, I eat reasonable portion sizes, I have generally good habits and it helps me maintain a decent weight and I never feel starved or deprived.

One thing I rarely do, though, is snack. I eat a few scheduled snacks throughout the day, but it’s more a part of my daily routine. Until….

I host a food-centric event. I almost always provide crackers for special occasions…which means I sometimes have leftover crackers….which means I inevitably have cheese and crackers on hand. Cheese and Crackers top my list of favorite foods – better than macaroni and cheese and pizza and lasagna. I would not put it past me to eat an entire box of crackers or brick of medium cheddar cheese.

It’s a very rare occasion (three times a year?) that I have C&C on hand and I have good habits almost all of the time. I do not want to feel guilt or quickly hide the crackers if someone comes home while I’m otherwise happily enjoying my cheese and crackers. Today, I accept and embrace the fact that I love cheese and crackers and I will eat them till my heart’s content!

learn to change the tire on my bike

Progress on my 43things has been a little sluggish. So I’m committing myself to making forward progress on at least one thing this weekend. So, without further ado – I commit to learning to change a tire on my bike this weekend. My plan is to look up some videos on youtube and any other instructional videos and then have a go at it. Husband has all the required tools and I don’t need a new tub or anything (I don’t think), so this will just be a practice run.

There, it’s written in stone…or something like that. :)

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