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  1. 1. quit biting my nails
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  2. 2. never, EVER grow up
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  3. 3. Make someone's day, every day
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  4. 4. live by the water
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  5. 5. do missions work
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  6. 6. grow shrooms
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  7. 7. do acid
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  8. 8. random acts of kindness
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  9. 9. decide on a religion
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  10. 10. be more patient
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  11. 11. visit all 50 states
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  12. 12. stop whining
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  13. 13. get a meaningful tattoo
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  14. 14. be a famous artist
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  15. 15. surf
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visit all 50 states

i would love to someday say I’ve been to all fifty states I won’t want to stop there. To simply just visit somewhere is not enough for me. How can I learn about the places, and history, culture, and the people without staying or living there. I still learn new things just here in Indiana. I figure as long as I’m happy and forever learning then it doesn’t really matter how many places I have been.

quit biting my nails

yikes. This is something I’ve dreamed about doing my whole life. lame right? but biting my nails is sooo gross. HA, must try to resist. meow

stop whining

whining…seriously so annoying. I don’t hearing people whine and I’m sure they feel the same. In the end does it ever really change things, and even if it did I’m sure I can get it without sounding like a child.


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