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Not get drunk and make out with guys
it's a problem

ever since i had my first kiss a few monthes ago when i get drunk i somehow make out with guys. it’s super annoying so i’m trying to go out without drinking especially since i have to get up for work on saturday and sunday. yeah it’s’s not that i don’t have self-respect. i am just intoxicated and always wanting some. sad day.

be in a relationship
so innocent

so ive been in one relationship with a boy i loved in high school. pretty sure he was gay. we never did anything. this lasted less than a month.

in college i started going out and boys noticed me. i was asked out by a few (seriously….the first i met them), more then a few tried to kiss me, etc….wasn’t having it.

then one tried and i kinda liked him. but i wouldnt let him since i just met him. he called a month later and i let him and other stuff. it was fun.

second time it was still kind of fun but i think i cant do that without emotions being attached so im gonna break it off. i need someone who really cares about me.

jog a mile six times a week (read all 2 entries…)

me and my friend started this week!!! and we are on a roll

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