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I'm shocked!

I’m shocked I’m still kicking butt with this whole diet thing. I’m still getting up early to walk and even better I’m getting up even earlyer to walk two programs instead of one. I feel good and even got a few notices at work about me losing weight. So I’m sill around 161 an my goal is 130 by May. I’ll settle for 145 at the beginning of May. Still Charging on…..........

Get past my Wedding Day. (read all 2 entries…)

ok so like the day is getting closer and things aren’t really getting done. I still don’t have a dress and still haven’t picked out the photographer but I did get the flowers done. so until…................

Be a better mom to my daughter. (read all 2 entries…)

so I’ve been spending more time with her and doing more things also. I’ve been trusting her (she lost that trust by lying, sneaking out and being with the wrong crowd) I let her hang out with her older friends but am still keeping a close tab on her. I’ve been trying to help her and listen to her about her school day and even threaten to go up and fight for her for a stupid incident that happen but she told me not to . So all in all it’s getting better.

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