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pierce my navel

i got it done at some ghetto ass place in queens Ny .. got infected n i have a scar for life …..

figure out what to do with my life (read all 2 entries…)

its all about getting to know urself :-)
i know its easier said than done ….....
but u know yourself, you will be able to find out whats important to you .. n you can go from there
good luck .. its a tough journey but we all have to do it :-)
def worth it gives u a actual reason to get up in the morning!!

love my body (read all 2 entries…)

i had and have trouble with my body like most of you but i learned to love it either way! i know if i eat healthier n worked out a lil more .. i can look better ..
of course there are those flaws i would never be able to change but thats that .. its me .. and i wish i can change it .. regardless its me .. im gonna love me n make the best out of it ..
im good :-) ..
hope you all can get to that level .. just learn to love urself ….. if you don’t no1 else will :-)

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