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improve my juggling
move with gravity

I learnt to juggle 3 balls a few months ago, and it opened the whole arena of juggling to me. A whole way of learning to move in concert with gravity. The balls are entirely subject to gravity when they leave your grasp. We aren’t subject to gravity in the same way, but gravity still affects us. I want to learn the grace of an object in freefall, and hopefully that will help me to exercise my defiance of gravity in a better way.
I think juggling can help me with that.

increase my energy
being effective

i feel like i can achieve so much, if only i could be more active and awake and alive during my time.
Nutrition, drive, exercise etc. I just need to balance all these things and I can get so much more out of my effort.

make a rubber band ball
a childhood dream

In my life I have run into several kids and grown-up kids who had made rubber band balls of varying sizes. I always wondered how it was done, and today I found 5 minutes to have a go. I sat next to a box of rubber bands that made it’s way to me about 18 months ago, picked out some rubber bands and got going.
It was easier than I realized, and after about 5 minutes was about 5cm in diameter. I tried bouncing it around the kitchen, and it was pretty good and solid and bouncy!
Now I am confident that I could make a rubber band ball of almost any size, and have some insight into the ins and outs of making such devices.
What a day today was!

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