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learn how to skateboard

i wanna sk8 so bad! i can ride a ripstik really well & it is so awesome dat i thought i’d try something a little harder:] it feels so awesome…

dat is a pic of my ripstik…it’s adorible ain’t it

make a documentary film

yesterday i decided i’m gonna make da most epic documentary ever. it’s about skool, but not ur average stuff… i wanna go in deeper. da stuff ya never see on t.v. the stuff that is freaking awesome and after a while people just forget about it. the stuff that pretty much only goes on in high skool. i’m a jounior right now and i hope 2 get this done b4 my senior year. i want as many people as possible to help me so if ur in high skool go to the youtube channel i set up last nite so that u can help out. i dont want this just 2 b about 1 skool from 1 pespective cause 4 some reason eveeryone seem 2 think that all high skools are alike and really there just not. please help by emailing me video clips from stuff dat goes on at ur skool. i really do want this to b epic.


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