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find a good job that's a good fit and pays well.
Job Search (1)

I am looking for a job. I hate the whole job search process. What I especially hate is applying and interviewing for jobs that are already going to an internal candidate simply because they are an internal candidate. I recently applied and interviewed for a job and was told that the gave the positions to 2 internal candidates. I know that I had more expereince than both of the candidates that got the jobs. I am trying to look at the situation as practice and as a learning expereince but it’s tough. I was a shocked because I had been told that I was probably going to get the job. It was silly of me to believe that. Nothing is sure until you have an offer in hand.

It’s been difficult to shake off the shock. The expereince has made me question my career direction. I’m trying to re-exaimine what I want to do plus I’m scheduling some informational interviews to get more insight.

Design a website
Get a Move on! Define yourself and your skills!

The idea of a website is one that I have wanted to do for a while. I really want to start a private practice and work as a consultant. To do this, I need to get the word out that I available and what my skills are.


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