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Last night was interesting...

The night before (Saturday), I had a bit too much. Not TOO much, just too much. About 5-6 glasses of wine over several hours. But I slept like hell and felt really crappy most of the day.

But the interesting thing is that I had NO desire to drink. But it wasn’t a conscious thing most of the night. It was like some days you want tea, other days it never occurs to you. That was me last night with wine. It felt nice!

Part of me wonders from time to time if NOT drinking at all would be a good idea. Hmmmm, we’ll see. It would be hard because so many people around me drink. But you know, there are others that do it….

stop drinking (read all 30 entries…)
Thank you....

Several people commented to me that they were bummed I wasn’t going to be posting here. I wanted to explain that the biggest reason was because this is a STOP DRINKING board. And since I do want to drink socially, I didn’t feel like this was an appropriate place to do it. I’ll be over on the CONTROL MY DRINKING board if you want to see my (lonely) journey. (Not as many people are posting over there.)

I do plan on checking in here – both to read other people’s posts and to keep up my end of the bargain. And to cheer everyone on. I hope that’s cool….

I’m also not ready to say “I’ve done this” yet, either. Sure, I stopped drinking, but I missed my goal by about a week. And I’m drinking again, even if it’s much more controlled. I feel right now that I’m still trying to figure it all out. What is the ultimate right answer for me? I’m just not really sure.

But I am sure I’ll be around here supporting all of you from time to time. And hopefully a LOT more than I have been lately!

Strength to everyone in your goals. No matter what they are!

control my drinking (read all 3 entries…)
More thoughts....

Since no one is posting here really (prejzki, are you still here?), I’m just going to post when I want and never worry… LOL!

Tonight I had two glasses of wine. I wanted another, but felt that buzz coming on – that buzz that wants to be fed more. And more. So I read “stop drinking” and made some tea.

Drinking, as I said to someone, is a slippery slope for many people. Having one isn’t an option. Or stopping at two isn’t one.

I want so badly to be someone who can control my drinking. Someone who CAN stop at one. Or two. And not go further…. So far, I’ve done well, but I can see that it’s going to take constant vigilance. If I’m not careful, my tolerance will go up – and so will the amount I’m drinking.

I think I need to get into writing what my goals are. But I’m seeing now that I want to avoid that. I like to drink – I like drinking very much. But I don’t like drinking too much.

My goal needs to include not drinking several days a week, not just less than X each night. I can avoid getting drunk, I now know. But can I avoid drinking every night? I’m not sure.

And if I can’t, what’s the answer?

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