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  1. 1. heal
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  2. 2. go to church
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  3. 3. finish recording my album
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  4. 4. learn to make a web page
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  5. 5. learn flash
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  6. 6. get in shape
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  7. 7. find a kindred spirit
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  8. 8. Become Financially Independent
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  9. 9. love myself
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  10. 10. not fall in love
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  11. 11. Lose 30 pounds
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  12. 12. go to thailand
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  13. 13. visit the grand canyon
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  14. 14. be honest
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  15. 15. Go to Barcelona
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  16. 16. get a job I enjoy
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  17. 17. learn to scuba dive
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  18. 18. run a half marathon
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How to quit smoking pot
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Shattered right elbow and three broken toes. Gravity is evil. sigh. Already in PT after surgical work and trying to get along with life. Hurting myself physically has really enabled me to heal mentally. You really can’t understand how amazing it is to do all the simple things in life (feed youself, walk to the store) until you are incapacitated. I CAN NOT wait until I am fully ambulatory again. I have a new lust for life. Remember to be thankful for what you do have and ALWAYS wear a helmet when riding your bike. (saved my life!) Out look good

Lose 30 pounds (read all 3 entries…)
comin off :)

10 months – and 10 lbs have come off. A little bit slower than I would have liked but its still happening. Plus I can fit into a pair of jeans I grew out of before! I think lots has to do with muscle gain. On the road and headed in the right direction. Out look good

be honest

So I would rather this section was ‘be more honest’ I have already made great personal strides in my life with the honesty issue… honestly! lol anyhow – I do find I have hang ups every now and then – especially concerning my finances and I have decided that to truly move forward in my life (as I am so determined to do… this site rocks!!) then I must be COMPLETELY HONEST in ALL aspects of my life. Especially with myself!! I have a financial advisor I am constantly trying to out-wit aka deceive by not being totally honest about where my money is going and what exactly I’m spending it on. I try to minimize it by saying it’s my money – or it’s only a couple hundred bucks – but for Christ’s sake – I’m the one who asked this person for help – they give me help and every time I try to be sneaky I’m only hurting myself and hindering the outcome I so deeply need/desire. buck stops here… pun intended

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