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I'm doing 14 things

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How to get a waitressing job
It took me
6 months
It made me

How to world meditation day
It took me
7 months
It made me
pretty chilled

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be a vegetarian for a week

Well actually Ive been Vegan for several months now.

work at corin fest 2012

Thankfully, sort of,
there was a landslide over the road so they have postponed the festival till the end of the year. which means I have 6 more months to either plan to go or change my mind about going

world meditation day

it’s on the 3rd Saturday of the month, ( i think) and it’s for people to send out goodness to people that need it. I will want to do it everyday after I go the first time im sure, cause sending love out to people will make me a nicer person. I hope.

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