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become a better bass player

So many ways to keep improving. For starters, I’d like my slap to sound like a note instead of “thwack”.

Learn to use my sewing machine

I bought a used sewing machine for $20 at a garage sale, and I want to learn to use it. But it scares me. You have to wind the thread through the thing and up past the whatchamacallit and three times around the doodad and under the other thingy. Plus the seller said reverse doesn’t work and it needs oil. But I really do want to figure it out.

teach my dog to stop barking at the phone

We’ve tried so many different things, positive and negative, but nothing works. It’s the surprise factor – the phone startles him, and he just goes off the handle. Plus, sometimes the phone ringing means someone has arrived – which is even more exciting.

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