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learn Tahitian dancing

I’m dying to learn the Tamure, which is the fast shimmying Tahitian dancing everyone always associates with the island. From the looks of it, I’m either going to have to go to Tahiti or get myself and instructional video.


Tulku Karma in India

I’ve been in the Sangha
for a month now.

Meditate on compassion.
Forget the Ego.


talk to strangers
Picnic on a Train

On the tri-rail in FL, we hit a minivan and the train stalled for a couple of hours.. They werent allowed to let us off, for whatever reason.. People were grumpy and hungry (it was noon) and I happened to have a picnic basket full of chicken, sodas, chips (i was going to picnic with my friends in Boca Raton)

Me and a couple of other people ended up just sprawling out a blanket and having ourselves a picnic. I met a great guy named Charlie from NO.LA, (it turned out the hostel i stayed at in new orleans was near his house on south lopez off of canal st)

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