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clean my apartment and keep it that way

So far so good! Every room is spotless but our bedroom! This is not a success until this is done!

stop hitting the snooze button
What the f***!

This is not going well, after a week of trying I am still sucking at this! Actually, this morning I just turned the alarm off and wentback to sleep. My husband (well, so to be husband) tried to wake me but, I did not move. He had the day off work, so he ended up getting our son ready for school! I even went to bed earlier then I usually do! I am moving the alarm to the other side of the room tonight!

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 5 entries…)
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41) Building with Legos
42) Fresh, crisp white sheets
43) Going to see live shows
44) My son’s jokes
45) Fresh lilacs
46) Trips to museums
47) Getting Christmas cards
48) Smiling babies
49) Long car rides with the radio on
50) Skinny-dipping

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