learn to garden
So Satisfying!

Growing your own food is an incredible, empowering, could even say life changing experience.
But try starting small, rather than planning a whole farm like I did…

brew my own beer
First Steps

Attended a free beginner’s brewing class one evening last week at my local homebrew shop. They were friendly, knowledgable, very thorough, and offered a 10% discount on a starter kit. How could I refuse. Now I’m the proud owner of $115 worth of brewing implements.
I’m hoping to start my first batch-a basic brown ale-this weekend with a friend’s help. It sounds more complicated than I had hoped, but still do-able. We shall see…

floss more
You'll probably only do this if your dentist scares you.

I finally started doing this (almost) every morning after several dentists told me I had gum problems which I couldn’t afford to fix (still can’t). So I buckled down to the heavy flossing as a cheap stop-gap measure. The benefit is probably negated, however, by my frequent failure to brush before collapsing into bed at night.

learn more about music
  • music theory
  • non-western music
  • traditional American (maybe Appalachian) music
  • popular music / be up on newest independent artists
  • emerging genres

become a radio DJ
Slight desire to enforce my musical taste on others?
Maybe so.
I want to check into:
  • Community radio
  • low-powered radio
  • net-casting

be a social activist

I want to start with music industry activism (been checking out lately.)

start exercising
quit being scrawny

Swimming, martial arts, yoga? Not sure yet.

investigate becoming a Quaker

They seem to be up to some good things, but I really have no idea what it’s like to be a Quaker. Part of my very tentative and hesitant reapproachment with Christianity…

continue Armenian language lessons

Eastern Armenian, that is.
I learned quite a bit while living in Armenia for a year, and don’t want to lose it now that I’m heading back to the States.



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