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lose weight (read all 10 entries…)

Day started off good..

breki – 2toast with banana and cinnamon on top and a mug of coffee

snack – 2small apples

lunch- sweet and sour prawn and mushroom stir fry

dinner – chicken pitta

snack- greentea chai, 2oranges

then at midnight i had some serious cravings and i binged! __

had a bowl of cereal 2toast with honey a twix cake slice and a penguin chocolate

urgh i feel so :( i really hate binge eating!

i think tomorrow im going to go out and buy Paul McKenna – i can make you thin book..ive read alot of reviews about it and alot of people had the same binge eating problem i have and found after reading the book it helped them overcome their binge eating i guess it wont hurt to give it a read

heres hoping it will work :( x

lose weight (read all 10 entries…)

Breakfast – 2 slices of wholemeal toast with a mashed up banana with cinnamon on top (SO GOOD) and a mug of green tea coffee

Snack – 1 green apple 1 small tangerine

Lunch – 4 small scrabbled egg whites with 3 tablespoons of cottage cheese, spinach, peppers and mushrooms in a wholemeal tortilla and 1 and a half cups of boiled veggies

Snack – Half grapefruit and a chunk of feta cheese

Dinner – Butternut squash skinny soup- no bread and greek style yogurt with almonds and honey YUM!

I ate quite abit of carbs today :( nevermind! plus i felt really full after lunch so had a light dinner..i still ate quite healthy today so im happy :)

im not so into calorie counting and i like feeling full after i eat a meal, i hate eating something low in calories and then feeling hungry after an hour cause then i end up snacking alot until the next meal..i mean whats the point?? :S

Anyway’s here’s hoping tomorrow’s going to be a good day :) x

lose weight (read all 10 entries…)
What i ate yesterday :)

Since i didn’t manage to write what i ate yesterday i’ll write it down now :)

Breakfast – egg white omelet with cottage cheese, mug of green tea coffee with 3 sweetener tablets

Snack – small red apple

Lunch – 6 pieces of Salmon Sushi and a mug of green tea

Snack – Half grapefruit and orange and a mug of green tea

Dinner – Thai style skinny carrot soup with a small piece of bread

Think i ate quite well :) i’ll write another entry of what i ate today later on – Hope everyone’s doing well x

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