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take speed
not worth it

i cant say no dont ever try this drug cause i used to do it. I would just be cautious cause every person i knew who did it eventually had a problem with it cause its soooo addictive. I lost an ex to it, not death but hes in jail and pretty much lost his mind and alot of party kids i knew are just losers now cause the partys over and they’re left with a stupid habit. I also have a roommate who uses it to lose weight and she lost it but she also lost sight of her goals, looks horrid and runs with stupid people that eventually stole all her info and ran her into debt…

have sex with a virgin

I will do this before I die… dont know why I want to so bad. I guess its some sort of fantasy.

Graffiti a wall with my name

I used to tag up all over the city~ cabs, bathrooms, phonebooths, trains and what not but i really want to do an amazing colorful piece instead of just quick scribbles. The only pieces ive done where in notebooks and almost every writer i know has been caught at least once, dunno…

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