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wholesale LED COB light
What are LED COB Advantages?

Compare to traditional lighting such as fluorescent lamp, as it is super bright in a small size, it cause uncomfortable glare. In case of no diffused optical lens used, such LEDs usually cause glare and zebra strips . But when optical lens or cover used, it will cause light loss when LED beam pass through this lens or cover. While all the above disadvantages of traditional LED lighting can be overcome with the advent of COB LED lighting. COB LED is multi chips packaged, it can 10 times more increase lighting area, so it avoid uncomfortable glare by the maximum extent.

Buy LED E27 Bulb
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E27 LED lights are more efficient than some other lighting substitutes that is commercially accessible at present. LED bulbs have a 100,000 hour life duration, and additionally will last for eleven years at constant operation, or perhaps twenty two years at 50% operation. Compare this to the average life expectancy of 5,000 hours for an incandescent lighting as well as 10,000 hours for a fluorescent light. Numerous businesses find the life duration of LED bulbs very attractive – imagine, you are only going to replace the signage on an enterprise property once per 11 years. With incandescent as well as fluorescent light sources, the accurate cost of the light bulb should include the labor expenditure as well as time used to change them. LED lamps practically eliminate lighting maintenance charges.

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