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Donate blood
save a life..donate blood

i love it because it is so easy and it saves three peoples lives everytime you donate..they have even called me back to ask for more for some one who needed it!

find a unique nickname

my rave name
from my first rave
i love it
and so does everyone else!

Go to a rave
electric daisy carnival

ok so my first rave was electric daisy carnival. it was amazing
i think it was one of the best experiences of my life..a must do for everyone!! even if you dont like doing drungs just go and chill the kandi kids are nice as fuck and they give you braclets on your first rave![kandi=rave braclets]
so yea and i guess ravers get rave names..so mine is daisy
because it was such a memorable experience at the DAISY carnival and i live daisys and i kept finding plastic daisies all over the floor all night !


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