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  1. 1. Be satisfied with my appearance
    4 people
  2. 2. get an article published in a magazine
    6 people
  3. 3. deep condition my hair once a week
    2 people
  4. 4. live truthfully
    3 people
  5. 5. have clear skin
    1,244 people
  6. 6. save 20,000 dollars
    53 people
  7. 7. get my braces off
    477 people
  8. 8. go on an audition
    2 people
  9. 9. Practice yoga regularly
    734 people
  10. 10. Finish the Artist's Way
    1 cheer
    9 people
  11. 11. Feel spiritually at peace
    1 person
  12. 12. have long hair
    253 people
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cure my insomnia (read all 3 entries…)
Done it but...

I finally got rid of my insomnia, but honestly don’t know which way was better, because my productivity has declined. I was diagnosed with anemia, and now I’m constantly tired, so I have the opposite problem…I guess be careful what you wish for!

cure my insomnia (read all 3 entries…)

ever since i moved back to school, ive been getting back in the groove. But now instead of no sleep, i go to sleep really early, and wake up really early…still sucks, though.

cuss rarely and only when it will have high rhetorical impact (read all 2 entries…)

I suck at this really bad, being from jersey. But I’m doing better.

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