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make a snow angel and a snowman
Snow angels

I try to make one each year, I’m not ever going to be too old for snow angels. It can always be a silent desire of mine. I usually sneak in the back yard and make my angel, work my way up without messing it up to much and then enjoy and marvel in the privacy of it all. It’s my personal joy!

I have not built a snow man in while though, I need to do that this year! :-) it’s always fun doing things you used to do as a child. I’m still that kid inside, I just have a mortgage now.

remember stories from my past and share them (read all 24 entries…)

I want to start writing down stories I remember from the past and even last week. Some funny or weird or meaningful. Things that hit me at times when I am thinking about something totally unrelated. And maybe jot down things I have seen or overheard while out to lunch, dinner or driving to work.

Yesterday at work we were talking about a comment on a desk calendar I have (things to be happy about) and it said something about sugar daddies (the candy) and it made me think of when I was in kindergarden and rode the bus to school, there was this big kid (not sure how big but at the time seemed huge, and A LOT Older) that always gave us little kids bad looks and would push us and stuff, but never said anything. One day he had his foot up on his knee and one small kid laughed and pointed at his shoe and said “EWWW you have a root beer barrell stuck on your shoe” All of turned around and laughed and THEN the big kid picked it off his shoe and ate it! YUK. he said nothing and stared at us. We were even more scared of him then. I remember the candy had grass and dirt stuck to it. See that is weird.

And yesterday on the way to work I saw this lady with a unique talent. (this is kinda gross, but imagine having to see it!) She was smoking a cigarette and picking her nose with the same hand. Weird.

eat healthier
About a year ago

I really started watching my diet. I have almost (yes almost) stopped eating any fried foods. Hydrogenated oils are evil. They do a person no good. If you have food in your home that contains hydrogenated oils, I would throw it out. (just my opinion)http://www.bantransfats.com/index.html

I eat a lot of chicken, fish and veggies. I try to avoid red meat, but do have to have a big cheese burger on occasions. I eat an egg substitute for breakfast. Munch on cheese (which I am trying to lighten up on). I buy a lot of orgainc products. No hormones, addittives, etc. That is my main focus. I try to avoid white flour at all costs. And processed meats that contain Nitrite.

They do actually make good foods without hydrogenated oils and white flour! Kraft is starting to make a few things with no trans fats. (which is listed on that site I pasted above). From what I have studied I think Hydrogenated oils and white flour are the worst things for a person. And of course items with hormones and additives.

Good luck to every one who wants to do this! Feeling good is so important. I want to live as long as I can and live a healthy productive life to boot! :-)

publish more of my writing (read all 5 entries…)
Chapter three

I am working on chapter three of my novel. I am excited about it and have been doing a lot of research. I can’t wait to see this finished! And then submit it to the publisher. I am sure the publisher will be happy too!

I have had two people come to be with ‘co-auther’ ideas. One is about the homeless and faith (with a woman who works for a program that helps homeless families) the other idea is from a person I met through collecting old letters, she wants us to gather our work and write about it. I have to think of a twist for that one. I want to work on both of them, but have to finish this novel first!! Stay focused Dana!

Keep enjoying life and stop making things so hard!!! (read all 13 entries…)

Well today I am going to take advantage of this 20 degree decrease in heat and go to the park and read! When opportunities occur you have to take advantage! I plan on keeping my eyes open and take in all the sites and enjoy the small things and hopefully capture each opportunity…

:-) (aren’t I cheery today!?)

Try fondue
Very good

There is a fondue restaurant down town and they have the full lay out! First cheese (you pick what you want in it!) then main course, meats, veggies, etc. THEN chocolate dessert! YUMMMY it’s so good. They serve apples and bread with the cheese and it is amazing. The bananas and chocolate are my fav. dessert.

I’m hungry.

Make new friends

I have to say this is complete. I have made new friends, Sure I want to keep making them, but I have some new ones…so that counts right?!?

see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Liked it

I really liked the filming aspect of it, the colors/characters, etc. I liked the differences too, the twist to the story. And the kid who played Charlie was wonderful!

In my opinion it’s a great movie. I liked the old version too, you can’t really compare them. sure it’s the same story in a way, but both are so good….one does not ‘win’.


Find out who is subscribed to me, Come on 18 people fess up?! wow (read all 2 entries…)
Done for now

I doubt this goal could ever be ‘completed’. So I shall not stress on it any more (not that it was real stressing anyway).

I am happy that so many are interesting in some of words and I enjoy this whole thing so much.

Wow I feel like I am giving an award acceptance speech…. :-)

Find out who is subscribed to me, Come on 18 people fess up?! wow (read all 2 entries…)

I found 18 people subscribed to me! Wow you all are wonderful. Now fess up. If you want to of course. If not that is ok too! You know who you are at least! :-)

I keep ya busy don’t I? :-)

attend a lunch with Joan Jett, Dana Glover, Sophie B. Hawkins, Bono, Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar, Oprah, Drew Barrymore, Ani DiFranco, Jewel, Maya Angelou, and my sister (read all 3 entries…)

Seems like an interesting group to eat lunch with and have some exciting conversations with! I think it would be serious but yet with a lot of laughter…

Maybe one day….

Collect old love letters (read all 3 entries…)
Got a nice little collection going

I am marking this one off, I am sure I will keep collecting here and there, but for now I have a few and I feel this is complete (At least complete for me now). It will be ongoing!

milk a cow

I have to find a way to do this so I can mark it off. There are a ton of dairy farms around here…I can make this happen!

Stop talking and start doing! (read all 15 entries…)

I think this is another thing I will have to work on forever. I have good days, weeks, months, but I am sure throughout my life I will talk more than I do. But I am doing more than I used to, so I am progressing some! So this is a work in progress. I have really been working hard on it though, I figure “If you think it, you should do it or say it or never think it again”. Easier said than done! But I’m working on this!

Make a difference in the wolrd! (read all 19 entries…)
Maybe I could

Maybe this goal could be combined with a few of my other ones, I mean if I am forgiving others and myself, that is making a difference. Volunteering is making a difference, making people think, making things not so hard is making a difference…to me anyway!

Maybe I have achieved this, I believe this is ongoing though, sure making the difference for one person is wonderful, but imagine 10 or 100, 1000, 10,000, etc. So I guess this one will always be on my list….

attend the sundance film festival (and maybe submit a film) (read all 2 entries…)

I hope to submit my documentary when it’s done…one step at a time, but I’ll get there! :-)

Keep enjoying life and stop making things so hard!!! (read all 13 entries…)
very nice

Yes nice indeed. I am working on this, and it seems to be working. I try to think how a particular event effects my life. Most things aren’t that major! Life is good, I need to accept that! :-)


I am actually at a point to where I need to stop adding to my “volunteer” list! I have five organizations I volunteer with. They are not all full time, some are twice a year, some are once a month, etc. But I love doing it! But I am at a point where I will not add any more at this time. I do not want to cheat any of the orgainizations out of my time, if I am volunteering I want to give it my all, so for now I will stick with what i have!

I do love it though. I work with one organization that gives free flights to paitents who need to fly to an appt. or special hospital and can not afford to go. The flight is free, the pilot volunteers their time and pays for all expenses of the flight. Isn’t that great?! I have had so many great opportunities through volunteering, I hope I never have to give it up for any reason!

call my father (read all 2 entries…)

I want to pick up the phone I do. But I know where it has led me in the past and I am not sure if I am ready to go there yet again. He did call me a few months ago to speak to my husband of course. Then the time before that (also to talk to my husband about a satellite issue), after hearing him talk about my mom and how I never see him and all that other crap I said You know dad, I miss you…what does he say ” Babe I gotta go.”...

So maybe this goal will take a while, but I do have it on my list.

Collect old love letters (read all 3 entries…)

Well I won my first ebay bid for an old letter so this one is starting….can I mark it off yet…Maybe I need a few more letters before I check this one off!

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