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Keep enjoying life and stop making things so hard!!! (read all 13 entries…)

Not sure if this fits under this catagory, but it’s something I enjoy, so why not right? And I don’t want to add a new goal…I need to focus on the one’s I’ve already got!

I have started watching the Sundance channel and I am trying to watch more foreign films. I watched a great film the other day while I was at home sick…”The girl on the bridge” wow. I loved it. Just a good film. (At least that is my opinion!) I started watching a movie called I capture the Castle, set in the 1930’s. Looked very good, a sort of romantic film :-)

I had to leave last night for dinner so I recorded it…Can’t wait to watch it. It’s an english film I believe, so no subtitles lol.

exercise at least two times weekly.
sooo worth it

I try to get to the gym at least 4 times a week…I can really tell a difference in my body, the way I feel, etc. I walk for about 30 to 40 minutes then I have a weight machine routine the gym set up for me that takes maybe 15 to 20 minutes. It’s just sooo worth it!

Accept Gods Will (read all 5 entries…)

How can you tell when something is God’s will and when it’s just want you want to do, or even when it’s something you don’t want to do. I sometimes strugle with “is this me and free will or God’s will”. I know in the long run things always work out though!

Just keeping true to myself and living one day at a time, trying not to stress and worry!!

Count a storm's raindrops (read all 8 entries…)

It’s raining today…been raining off and on. I think I have realized that this goal is impossible, but so worth trying.

I think the times I get to relax and just sit and watch the rain are priceless. The whole world stops. It’s getting renewed and soaking it all in, things are growing and being nurished. It’s like life in a way.

We need renewed and nurished. We need to keep growing and living and learning. We only get one chance at this world right…why not spend some of it watching the rain? Letting yourself drift…A lot of thinking can be done while you watch the rain and listen to it hit the pavement, the trees, the roof…

Yep…it’s raining today….I wish I were home watching it! Can ya tell I’m doing a lot of thinking about life lately?! Isn’t it weird we can go through and think we have it all figured out and then we change, life changes…things just change. We grow…people around us grow. It’s exciting, but wow I can’t believe it keeps happening and I am sure growth will continue to happen for many years to come! “What do I want to do when I grow up?” :-)

remember stories from my past and share them (read all 24 entries…)
friends 2

I have this friend that I have briefly mentioned before…we used to be so close. We have known each other for about 11 years. We have said some hurtful things to one another, but still keep in touch some.

Recently I have been missing her humor. And trying to think of the ‘disagreements’ we have had were that big of a deal….She is one of the funniest people I know. The other day she sent me a card with all these great memories we have shared written inside in a circle. IT was fun reading it (turning the card around and around)AND It was fun remembering all the fun times.

The past is the past right? I think I will call her and see if she has free time soon…why not?! I am on this roll with calling people … :-)

call my father (read all 2 entries…)

I finally did it. My sister was wanting to call him, and was putting it off, and asked if I would and I did. AND IT WENT GRREAAT. I am not just forgetting the past or thinking it will be like this forever, but I am enjoying the moment. He wants to take my sister and I to dinner. just the three of us! Not us and his ‘new famliy’. Next week we will set up the exact day and time!

So far so good! I am feeling a lot lighter now…things are good.

make people think (read all 2 entries…)
Marking it off

Well I think I have done this and will keep doing it, but can mark it off for now and work on the other items on my list.


Make a difference in the wolrd! (read all 19 entries…)
This week

Well this week I am working with an organization that needs school supplies. A committee I am on at work specializes in community outreach, so we have been collecting supplies and trying to get the word out. So far it is going great!

I had seen the lady (the 74 year old woman that is in charge of this organization, she’s adorable!) on the news asking for help. Last year this place helped over 800 families this year they could hardly help 8!

I can’t wait to deliver the ‘goods’ to them next week. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able take a group of ‘needy’ young children and their families shopping for clothes and supplies, and the whole 9 yards?! Someday….someday….. Small steps turn into jumps right?

finish more knitting projects
started again

Over lunch I started a new scarf!!! I am so excited, the yarn is all soft and fluffy. I stopped talking about it and I did it! :-)

I can’t wait to see the finished product, after this one (which will be my second finished knitted project ever) I will start working on Christmas gifts! :-)

read "The Five People You Meet in Heaven"
Read it twice

Really good book, I liked it. I also saw the movie, and as usual, the book was sooo much better..

Count a storm's raindrops (read all 8 entries…)
Tried again

Tried again this weekend. I think I was distracted though, I mean it was pouring and hard to see the rain drops and my mind drifted. I wanted to talk to a friend, but realized it’s not one of those friends you just call up. It’s more complicated then that, yet so simple too. Anyway I drifted off into a conversation in my head…bit and pieces of things then drifted into fantasy vacations, and even drifted to my wedding day and the joy and magic that I felt during that trip. And thought about all the good times that are still ahead….anyway the rain drop counting didn’t really happen, but wow what a relaxing hour or so I spent watching it.

remember stories from my past and share them (read all 24 entries…)

My friend Kelly sent me an email today about her brother passing away. It made me think back to middle school and high school when I would spend the night with her and we would watch The Princess Bride over and over. Her brother would run around and tease us, and laugh and run away, it was fun. It was home. I loved going to her house, her parents laughed and hugged each other. They treated me like family, and I appreciated it. I don’t think I ever told them that. I need to do that.

One time Kelly spent the night and we snuck out and ran around the neighborhood (literally, we ran block after block) then ran back home. I bet we were only gone maybe 15 or 20 minutes. But we had done it. We had ran out after dark and no one else knew. (well my mom later told me she watched us and didn’t say anything, waited up until we came back home).

Kelly and I went to the state fair our sophmore year of High school and saw New Kids on the Block (hee hee) in concert, we were in a minor car wreck on the way home. It was the night before our first day of school and our parents were worried, upset and then finally found some humor in it all. She gave me my first bloody nose (only bloody nose actually) it was ‘twin day’ and we were wearing our NKOTB concert tees and she was telling some story and raised up her elbow and smacked me right in the nose. It was an accident, but it about knocked me out!

When she first joined the army i went to visit her in Kileen TX, my first trip alone, and first time on a big airplane! WE had a blast those 4 or 5 days. I didnt’ want to leave. LIfe happened, marriages, she had kids, etc. and we drifted, but we recently got back in touch and I got to see her last year, with her kids and husband and her parents, it was so wonderful, like going home after a long journey. It was nice.

I hope she is doing ok, I wish I could hug her and help her through this loss.

get a massage

One of the best things a person can do for themselves!

I actually have an appointment next week AND one already for Sept.

I am thinking once a month massage is in the works for my future! :-)

remember stories from my past and share them (read all 24 entries…)
another story

I remember in 8th grade we had to write a paper and read it outloud! I was scared to death to speak in front of the class. My report was on Haley’s comet. I had this great diagram and long report. At home it was exactly 3 minutes, so I was good to go.

I got to class, held up my little drawing of the comet, started to speak (which I have a habit of speaking very fast when I am nervous) so I am moving right along then I hear the words “the erface of the surf” come out of my mouth. I froze. What did I just say? Erface of the surf? What the heck was that. I look at my paper again, get all flushed and want to run for the hills. When I realized I meant to say the “surface of the earth”. Every one laughed and I again wanted to run. At least I had their attention, but I remember that desperate feeling to this day. Aren’t we strange little characters?! Awe memories….

find a pen pal
Pen Pals

I have a dear friend I only write letters to. We never seem to have time off at the same time! It’s nice getting mail from her! I try to write letters as much as possible. But only a few people keep in touch through actual letters, most are through emails and calls.

I also started a program at my job that connects students and staff with senior citizens. I have two pen pals through that AND LOVE IT! They are the sweetest ladies and so full of info, it’s great writing to them. I just recently found a new pen pal in Germany that is interested in some old letters on ebay (she won the letters I won the pictures and I wanted her to have the pics too!), and we just kept writing.

It’s so nice to get an actual letter in the mail. I will never stop writing!!!!

Keep enjoying life and stop making things so hard!!! (read all 13 entries…)

Life is about experiences and to enjoy life I think I need to experience as much as I can…This looks interesting. Do I dare sign up???!

make a snow angel and a snowman
Snow angels

I try to make one each year, I’m not ever going to be too old for snow angels. It can always be a silent desire of mine. I usually sneak in the back yard and make my angel, work my way up without messing it up to much and then enjoy and marvel in the privacy of it all. It’s my personal joy!

I have not built a snow man in while though, I need to do that this year! :-) it’s always fun doing things you used to do as a child. I’m still that kid inside, I just have a mortgage now.

remember stories from my past and share them (read all 24 entries…)

I want to start writing down stories I remember from the past and even last week. Some funny or weird or meaningful. Things that hit me at times when I am thinking about something totally unrelated. And maybe jot down things I have seen or overheard while out to lunch, dinner or driving to work.

Yesterday at work we were talking about a comment on a desk calendar I have (things to be happy about) and it said something about sugar daddies (the candy) and it made me think of when I was in kindergarden and rode the bus to school, there was this big kid (not sure how big but at the time seemed huge, and A LOT Older) that always gave us little kids bad looks and would push us and stuff, but never said anything. One day he had his foot up on his knee and one small kid laughed and pointed at his shoe and said “EWWW you have a root beer barrell stuck on your shoe” All of turned around and laughed and THEN the big kid picked it off his shoe and ate it! YUK. he said nothing and stared at us. We were even more scared of him then. I remember the candy had grass and dirt stuck to it. See that is weird.

And yesterday on the way to work I saw this lady with a unique talent. (this is kinda gross, but imagine having to see it!) She was smoking a cigarette and picking her nose with the same hand. Weird.

eat healthier
About a year ago

I really started watching my diet. I have almost (yes almost) stopped eating any fried foods. Hydrogenated oils are evil. They do a person no good. If you have food in your home that contains hydrogenated oils, I would throw it out. (just my opinion)

I eat a lot of chicken, fish and veggies. I try to avoid red meat, but do have to have a big cheese burger on occasions. I eat an egg substitute for breakfast. Munch on cheese (which I am trying to lighten up on). I buy a lot of orgainc products. No hormones, addittives, etc. That is my main focus. I try to avoid white flour at all costs. And processed meats that contain Nitrite.

They do actually make good foods without hydrogenated oils and white flour! Kraft is starting to make a few things with no trans fats. (which is listed on that site I pasted above). From what I have studied I think Hydrogenated oils and white flour are the worst things for a person. And of course items with hormones and additives.

Good luck to every one who wants to do this! Feeling good is so important. I want to live as long as I can and live a healthy productive life to boot! :-)

publish more of my writing (read all 5 entries…)
Chapter three

I am working on chapter three of my novel. I am excited about it and have been doing a lot of research. I can’t wait to see this finished! And then submit it to the publisher. I am sure the publisher will be happy too!

I have had two people come to be with ‘co-auther’ ideas. One is about the homeless and faith (with a woman who works for a program that helps homeless families) the other idea is from a person I met through collecting old letters, she wants us to gather our work and write about it. I have to think of a twist for that one. I want to work on both of them, but have to finish this novel first!! Stay focused Dana!

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