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  1. 1. i want to be able to communicate in a new language
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  2. 2. Learn how to write my name in arabic
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  3. 3. be more tidy
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  4. 4. get in shape
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  5. 5. learn to play piano
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  6. 6. learn guitar
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  7. 7. compliment a stranger everyday
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  8. 8. write a book dedicated to my mother
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  9. 9. start a garden
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  10. 10. start a blog or webpage
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  11. 11. save up for a nice camera
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  12. 12. see the great wall of china
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  13. 13. i want to not be addicted anymore
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  14. 14. hug a cow
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  15. 15. learn to skateboard
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  16. 16. make more eye contact
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learn guitar

my friend garyn and his father own a guitar shop downtown in my hometown. i want to take lessons from his father and have been pushing myself to do this for years.

compliment a stranger everyday
make the world a little bit brighter

i started to do this sporadically just to see the smile on people’s faces. i found that although it felt good to compliment someone’s outfit, it was even better when i could compliment someone on the way they handled a difficult situation or did really well on a debate in class. not only did i feel that it had a positive effect on the people receiving the compliments, but i felt the god fortune reciprocate back towards me. i was much more aware of those around me and i began to make many more connections with new people.

learn to skateboard
connecting with those you love

my boyfriend, who i recently confessed my love to, used to skateboard all the time…i have always wanted to learn, but now i have someone close to me that can teach me…if it weren’t for this website i wouldn’t have thought of this amazing experience to bond with him.

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