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Pass the CPA exam (read all 150 entries…)
any information of Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi guys, long time no see

I’ve been always in this site even after passing the CPA exam. I am reading the new posts from time to time. I also check my friends’ progress with the exam.

I miss the states and I think I will go back again :) I will scarify my job with KPMG (Saudi Arabia) and come again.

My problem is I am not sure of what city should I go to this time. I used to live in Providence, RI and it was a nightmare due to the cold weather.

I’ve chosen Fort Lauderdale, FL to live in this time. I did an initial search of the city and it seems suitable for me. But I need your comments regarding the city because you’re citizens and you may have more information.

If you’re in my place and you have the option to choose a city to live in, what city you would you choose?

This time, I may sit for CMA or CIA exams. This goal has not been decided yet.


Pass the CPA exam (read all 150 entries…)
any works for BIG 4 please help

Hi guys,

I’ve started my job sine last week. I work as an Auditor. One coworker and I have CPA along with the partner. The other coworkers either preparing for the exam or have their country’s CA. When they knew that I am a CPA, they were very surprised and they look at me as a person coming from different planet. They think that I know EVERYTHING. I remember that I met the partner and asked me about my qualifications. When I told him that I am a CPA, he told me that I am READY. Then he asked me “did you go to the clients?” I also asked a senior auditor about something and he told me that you don’t need to ask. You’re a CPA.

My questions, what they should expect from me currently (don’t have any Auditing experience)?

What is the best thing that I should do to learn?

How long does it take to be a senior auditor?


Pass the CPA exam (read all 150 entries…)
FYI-Changes in the CPA Exam-4Q 2010

See the video on the link below


The good news in this video is the way of releasing scores, and the bad thing is BEC will be the difficult section.

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