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  1. 1. Make new friends
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  2. 2. Fall in love
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  3. 3. Grow in Christ
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  4. 4. keep a diary
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  5. 5. have more self control
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  6. 6. travel the world
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  7. 7. Learn to cook
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  8. 8. be more outgoing
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  9. 9. visit all 50 states
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  10. 10. find a better job
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  11. 11. be fluent in French
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  12. 12. learn yoga
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  13. 13. Create a budget
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  14. 14. become an actor
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  15. 15. become fit and healthy
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  16. 16. Read 50 books in 2011
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have more self control (read all 2 entries…)

i know this is possible, one of my most attainable goals. but i just can’t seem to get there all the way. have i am improved yes, i think so. i still have a ways to go, but i have gotten better. the question i have now is am i being to hard on myself? no one can be perfect all the time. and yet, i know i will still have the hurt and disapointment inside of me everytime i do fail. i’ve got to try a bit harder if i want full success!

keep a diary
late start

well i have a diary that was keeping pretty reguarly but i fell out of it some months ago and now im finding it hard to get back to the routine! i did buy a journal specifically to record happy and inspirational things…qoutes, lyrics, scriptures, stories etc etc. already i love doing it! maybe this will also bring back the desire to write in my diary again.

Make new friends (read all 2 entries…)
this one is tough, part 2

well i realy wish i could just snap my fingers and there my new friends would be, with drama free open arms. i know how naive but surely theres people out there who don’t live in drama bubbles. sometimes i wish i could just tell me friends what i think, how ofen they get on my nerves and how i don’t trust them. but i think that would spiral out of my control real quick. and honestly, its just not worth it to me. is that horrible? that i dont even care about my realtionships enough to try and fix them? ugh my feelings are so muddled. new friends would make it so much easier to make a clean break from the old ones.

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