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be truly prepared for the upcoming bird flu epidemic. no, i'm not paranoid, but there's a good chance that many of us 15- 50 year olds may catch it and possibly die.

only people that are lucky, live in the middle of nowhere or have lots of money are going to survive if this really hits. i’m not wealthy and i live in a city. the lucky thing, well, that remains to be seen. i will continue stockpiling (sp?) food, water and supplies. but i can’t afford the number of masks needed or tamiflu for my family.

fall in love with my spouse again (read all 2 entries…)
yeah, right

at this point, i can’t imagine this ever happening.
should it stay on my list so that i can feel that loss everytime i’m here?
should it stay so i can remember how great it would be?
should it just go the hell away so that i can plod through my marriage as numb to my own unhappiness as long as possible? yikes, that’s glum and negative.
oh well, let’s dr. phil this one and say i’m simply expressing my feelings.

see Pear Jam live (read all 3 entries…)
good fun

can’t believe it too me 14 years to do this.
cleveland was cute, the weather was picturesque. they were great. i really don’t dig the grateful dead, but the show reminded me of the dead performances that i’ve been to. no silly spinners and non-coherent, socially challenged hippies (boy, that’s mean) although there were a lot of us that were obviously trapped in the music of the early 90’s. for example, the only guy i chatted with was wearing an original “citizen dick” t-shirt. the show was great, everyone sang along to the big hits- which i think is fun. it was nice of them- on the top 40 hits they replicated every “mmm” and “ahhh” just like the original. i would have prefered to dance, jump and stage dive, but there weren’t any general admission tickets. very hard to sit still to music that makes you want to move. well worth it if you are a fan.

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