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  1. 1. Visit Angkor Wat
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  2. 2. restore a classic car
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  3. 3. see my daughter get married
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go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
Do it on a bike

I’ve done this many times – and always on a motorbike. More than once I’ve done it and let other people direct me on where to go. You could make it properly random using a combination of twitter and your mobile. Each time you stop, check and see where your twitter friends are telling you to head. Report back on where you have arrived… and see what happens.
Once (pre-twitter) I did this meandering through Spain. On another occasion I just followed my nose west and ended up on the Welsh coast.
There’s a big world to see. Treat it like a 2.0 experience and connect!

get my motorcycle license

I passed my motorcycle test about a million years ago – when a bloke stood on a street corner with a clipboard to observe your ride.
Now it’s tougher. From October 2008 it gets even tougher.
I’ve put together a chooser to help people find their way through the bewildering options and restrictions you get faced with when trying to work out how to get your UK bike licence these days.
It’s at www.getintobiking.com
If you like it, share it, if you don’t, tell me why.
Many thanks

restore a classic car
If you're ready to start...

I’ve just started a site called www.myclassiccarrestoration.com where anyone restoring any old car can get together to blog about it – restore, record, share


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