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Go to La Tomatina in 2012 (read all 9 entries…)
2011 = Another Fail

2012 maybe?

learn to play "Dardanella" on the piano (read all 3 entries…)
Not a Bad Goal

I’d forgotten about this goal. In my current effort to simplify my goal list and focus on a few “important” objectives, I should probably “give up” on this one for now, and set it aside, especially since I didn’t even remember adding it to my list.

But… it’s a good goal. I think I’ll keep it. And not just keep it, but actually DO it!

I won’t be able to really tackle this, however, until June.

pay off my credit cards (read all 9 entries…)
Time to Revisit This

Time to revisit 43Things, revise my goal list, and focus on fewer things.

Paying off the cards is one of those things.

Currently… they’re all maxxed. What an embarrassment.

Go to La Tomatina in 2012 (read all 9 entries…)
I Should Have My Ticket

I should have purchased an airline ticket already, but I’m broke. And my camera is broken. My car broke down and cost over $1500 to repair. My credit cards are maxxed out. I have NOT been focused on this goal, nor on any of my other goals.

Time to regroup.

Do 100 sit-ups daily for 100 consecutive days (read all 60 entries…)
Let's try this again

Starting… tomorrow!

Do 100 sit-ups daily for 100 consecutive days (read all 60 entries…)
Let's try this again, shall we?

Has it really been nearly 4 years since I completed this goal; and since I stopped doing sit-ups?

Reduce my weight to 11 stone (read all 50 entries…)
25 December 2010

Gawd I’ve been eating crap this week, even by my standards. And lots of it, too!

pay off my credit cards (read all 9 entries…)
Here we go again!

This time, “rolling them in” is not an option.

Reduce my weight to 11 stone (read all 50 entries…)
23 October 2010

I’m back to nearly the heaviest I have been in my life: 13 stone 7 pounds.

Create an Enchanted Tiki Room (read all 14 entries…)
18 September 2010 - Working On It

I’m working on the clutter problem today; or at least, I will be once I stop goofing around on the computer.

Read "Don Quixote" (read all 4 entries…)
14 September 2010

Ordered the book from Amazon yesterday. The Penguin Classics edition.

The problems with this are:

1. I tend to be less likely to read books I own than books I borrow from the library.

2. I still have too many books, in addition to too much stuff in general, as it is. I don’t need another fat paperback sitting around.

3. I also ordered two other fat books which I’ve been repeatedly borrowing from the library and repeatedly failing to finish reading. But at least I’ve started reading the other two!

Positive aspects of purchasing rather than borrowing:

1. I can take the book with me and not have to worry about damaging it, since it will be mine.

2. It was only eight bucks, with free “super saver” shipping. Do you know, the Kindle electronic version costs eleven dollars?

3. Perhaps the guilt of having paid real money for the book will inspire me to read it. Not that this works with any of the other books I own.

4. Perhaps the desire to clear out excess clutter will inspire me to read it so I can donate it to the next library used book sale.

Create an Enchanted Tiki Room (read all 14 entries…)
Five Years and Counting

Sometimes I wonder if I define my life through this Room of Doom? I’ve been looking through photos of this project from the past four, nearly five, years, and despite occasional small signs of progress, the clutter creeps back. Today the room is as full as ever of stuff. Indeed, there is more stuff in there now than at many times over the past five years.

Shouldn’t five years be long enough to clean out a room?

Not only do I have a hard time letting go of individual items, I seem to have a difficult time letting go of The Mess itself. As soon as I make progress – give something away, sell something, toss something out – I slide back, accumulating more than i discard.

Why do I keep buying things, usually on a whim? What EMPTINESS do I have inside that compels me to fill up the space around me with things; in many cases, things I do not truly want or need?

Sometimes I buy things – Amazon, eBay, whatever – and when the box arrives a week or two later, I’m no longer interested. Sometimes boxes containing things I “desperately wanted” remain unopened for weeks, months, or occasionally, years.

I accumulate “things,” and I accumulate debt buying things. It’s a kind of self-destructive behavior.

I wish I had the confidence or know-how to engage in more entertaining forms of self-destructive behavior.

For what it’s worth, I did mount a row of “flaming crystal skulls” along one wall. Yes, that entailed buying (plastic) crystal skulls; but it does, if I do say so myself, look great!

The skulls will stay. But the boxes of crap need to go!

Build a deck. (read all 3 entries…)
4 September 2010 - Summer of When?

I suppose, in my last update, I should have specified the “summer” of what year? Or decade?

Termite holes are beginning to show through on the existing deck.

Get £500 in my paypal account by selling stuff through ebay (read all 9 entries…)
I Was Almost There

4 September 2010

I was almost there. Then one dude, despite the clearly stated “as is, no returns,” raised a mega-fuss until I accepted a return and refunded his money.

Oh, and then, uhm… that shiny new iPod Touch 4g was announced. I’ve never owned an iPod Touch. Never saw the point, much. Or, never happened to have a positive PayPal balance when a new one was released. Errr… yeah.

But… I’m listing more items today. I prefer to schedule my items for a uniform start time, so they’ll all “go live” this coming Thursday.

visit 50 states on one trip
It's Been Done, of Course, in "Record Time."

The official “world record” for driving to the 48 mainland U.S. states currently, as of August 2010, stands at 97 hours. This record was set recently. The participants believe they have discovered a more efficient route which will allow them to complete the challenge in three or so fewer hours. They hope to make the attempt next year.

The fastest time I could discover for visiting all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, is an “unofficial” time of 199 hours.

My objective would not be to set a record; nonetheless, I would like to visit all 50 states in a reasonably quick time. My goal would be to complete the task in something along the lines of a three week timeline.

I have the advantage of starting from Hawaii. Initially I was thinking in terms of a 48-state trip, but since I’m already in Hawaii, I may as well fly to the mainland U.S. via a stop in Alaska. Sure, the expense would be more, but I’d be covering 50 states in one trip.

Upon mentioning this scheme, “conversationally,” I immediately encountered stiff resistance from “other household members.”

“Why not just visit the states you haven’t been to?”
“If you go that fast, you won’t really see anything.”
“Why not spread it out over several trips so you can see things?”
“That would be expensive.”
“Why would you want to do that?”

Why, indeed? Why hike across the Grand Canyon in one day? Why fly halfway around the world to Spain to spend one hour throwing tomatoes at 40,000 total strangers? Why did Mallory try to climb Everest? JUST TO SAY YOU’VE DONE IT!

Tangentially, I heard on television the other day that on a peak day at Everest as many as 90 people a day reach the summit. People line up on the shelf below the summit waiting their turn for a quick photo op at the top. I suspect fewer people complete a “50 state trip” than climb Everest these days. There ya go, one more reason to do this.

I’m going to start planning and saving some money. Off the cuff estimate: this could be kind of expensive. Maybe a simple Caribbean cruise would make more sense?



Hang out with Kendra
Wanted: Quantity AND Quality!

More often than once every five years.

drink more water
Only Two Coca Colas Today

I’ve only had two twelve-ounce cans of Coca Cola today. My usual consumption is more like… six. Or more. That’s probably why I’m feeling a bit out of sorts.

Saw pictures of myself on the beach. It was awful. Awful enough to get me to try cutting back on my soda consumption.

That’s pretty awful.

Log 5000k at (read all 36 entries…)
24 July 2010 - 1696km

I’m at 1696km as of 24 July 2010.

On my last run my iPod battery gave out, and only recorded 2 of my 10k. Duhhhh….. ;-(

Gonna go out and try to add ten more klicks right now!

be more confident (read all 15 entries…)
24 July 2010

This is important. I’m failing miserably. Must re-inspire myself.

throw away 43 boxes of things I don't need (read all 16 entries…)
24 July 2010 - Consolidated

I sell stuff, I throw stuff away, then I accumulate more. It’s an endless cycle… which needs to end!

While this is a concrete goal, I am electing to consolidate this with my “Create an Enchanted Tiki Room” goal. Once The Room of Doom reaches a true stage of “enchantment,” or more accurately, “enchanting,” I will have definitely disposed of more than 43 box-equivalents of stuff.

I am consolidating this goal as part of a refinement of my goal list, 24 Jul 2010

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