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go hiking more
Difficulty Level - Pathetically easy

L.A. has an embarrasing amount of hiking trails. I’ve joined an outdoor club and every weekend beckons for me to head for the hills. This club does an “easy” hike every Monday evening…I just never get out of my dayslave-job in time to join them. But wait campers, there’s hope: I’ve got some vacation time coming so THAT WILL be the perfect time and the perfect start to my glorious nature hobby. (Picturing myself on the cover of OUTDOORS magazine)

start an investment portfolio
Difficulty Level - Easy if you can bear to read up on it all

Paging Suze Orman! I’ve reached the point in my life when it’s time to start putting back: ehem…early thirties. So what’s a boy to do if he don’t know nuttin’ about investin’? I think I found the answer. Start SMALL. Put that soda money into something and let it grow…YES!! It’s genious. Stay tuned…

Workout 3 to 4 times a week
Difficulty Level - Easy but annoying

I know I’ll feel better, increase endorphins and all that, but the truth is I don’t enjoy working out. The trainer makes me do stuff that causes my face to contort and then I feel sore afterwards – and not in a good way. My old excuse “I’d rather be home watching American Idol” doesn’t apply anymore. A) I have a DVR and B) I’m supposed to be dropping TV altogether. In L.A., like car insurance, gym memberships are mandatory.

Right, time to think positive: working out=getting laid. Yay!

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