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Find a house I like, can afford, and isn't too far from my friends and then buy it.
Buying a house ain't easy

No matter how you slice it. We have been approved for plenty of cash, have excellent credit, but the market down here is weird. House prices are falling, all the while insurance rates are going through the roof (the luxury of living near the coast in Florida). Last year we nearly bought our first home, we were in contract and everything. I think all the forces of the universe united to keep us out of that home. Patrick’s car died the big car death, the City of Lansing was claiming us responsible for a mini-van we had sold a year earlier, and the house failed inspection miserably.

So here we are, a year later posturing to make that next step back into the nasty house hunt. A friend put it to me about as plainly as it can get:

“Buying a house is about finding a home you hate the least in the price you can afford.”

C’est ca.

find a way to convince the courts of Michigan that I am not responsible for a car we sold nearly a year ago because the jack-ass who bought it never registered it... (read all 2 entries…)
What a hassle

When a law changes and the powers that be are not notified of new procedures. The police at least were helpful, but nearly an entire year after we thought everything was relatively resolved we received a letter from the Lansing city power authority claiming that we owe them $600 for a light post damaged by our vehicle (again, not our vehicle). Happily this time proof of the sale, signed title, and police report all helped and that hassle was very quickly averted. Hopefully that’s the last of that mess.

try snorkelling
We're going to do this finally...

Get your masks and fins together, we’re going to poke the sea creatures. Patrick and I will be driving down to Key Largo for a little snorkeling, probably in February or sometime late winter early spring. It’s a gift for my birthday. Of course if we happen to buy a house before this trip is scheduled we may find that financially it’s not doable. Here’s to hoping we can squeeze it in before that happens.

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