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A good nurse...

Today was awful, the pts kept coming one after another, I was hours behind on my work. But that was okay, I took a deep breath and kept at it, I never got everything I wanted accomplished, but one pt of mine, maybe the sickest, was crying from intractable pain and I stopped held her hand, talked quietly to her until she calmed down. She died a few hours later… maybe I can be a good nurse.

wake up without an alarm clock
I finally have a day off, this weekend.............

I am not going to set the alarm and I will not worry about when I wake up, I will when I am ready!
Not exactly everyday, like I would like but one day at a time right?

Fall Ridiculously and Wrecklessly, head-over-heels in Love

I miss that feeling, that everything feeling in your stomach when you are crazy in love. Its been a while, so I think I will begin to date again and maybe, just maybe… who knows?

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