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Find my best friend from 2nd Grade
Found her

I have been searching for my friend from 2nd grade since I moved away, I finally found her on Facebook. She had been looking for me as well. Great feeling to finally connect, I have always wondered about her. Now I know.

find happiness
in the eye of the beholder

Hsppiness is a tricky thing. What is it really? I started to think it was all an illusion, I was constantly in a hurry to reach ‘happiness’ or what i THOUGHT it would be. Well, i think it comes and goes, different shapes and sizes. But today I realized, hey I am happy. Overall, I am happy right now. Yes there are somethings in my life that would not classify in that category.. but I am not going to let them bring me down. I can’t change ppl or the world, I can only work around it or with it.

appreciate what I have
Appreciation & Gratitude

I have recently stubbled upon a new way of thinking and ultimately living. Once you discover how to appreciate the things you have and truely be grateful for them, only good can come from it. I have started this and will continue to live this way, I believe it will bring my life great things.


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