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get my rook pierced

I’ve wanted this for quite awhile, but decided to get my conch pierced first. I’m getting the rook on the opposite side, so I want the conch to heal completely first before getting the rook (since that would make sleeping just awful!) I cannot wait though. The conch looks awesome and this would complement it.

crochet a blanket (read all 4 entries…)

Blanket #3. Lion Brand Yarn Pattern: Stripes! Blanket. Started today with Vanna’s Choice yarn. Double crochet 2 rows of each color 4 times = 96 rows. Plan to do all (yes, ALL) within 9-12 days. That’s my goal. Posting pic when finished!

Keep my room clean (read all 2 entries…)

I cleaned up half. If I just fold my clothes and put them away my room would actually look half decent

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