speak more clearly
Have tried reading aloud

Will see how much this helps – most of speaking clearly for me is learning to speak slower so this is a good way to practice that.

swear less
A swear jar helps, so does a buddy.

I have put a swear jar between my workmate and I – at first we put loads of cash in there but we are a lot better these days, I still swear, but now I think about it before I do it and it has more impact to me.

Bonus: The proceeds from the swear jar are going to buying cider =)

learn to raise one eyebrow
I can sometimes do this for a tiny by by accident

I have been practicing holding an eyebrow up with my hand, it helps – a large part of not being able to do it was lack of flexibility in my forehead muscles. I have a better idea of what to do to make it go up but still can’t do it on demand, sometimes though just as I look in a mirror I do it for a split second and it’s pretty awesome =).

When watching TV is a good time to hold it up in place, looks pretty funny though – also, when I try and do it I pull a strange face…

triple my reading speed
Making good progress

I got the book 10 days to faster reading ( and that has been really great to work through. My reading speed has at least doubled, but comprehension is a bit down – hopefully that comes back with practice. Two things I have noticed though: You need to keep it up, it’s easy to slip back into old reading habits, you are basically retraining how you read. Also, it’s helped my reading aloud, we instead of speaking the word as I read it, I now read a few words in front so know better where to put emphasis / have time to deal with unusual words.



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