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  1. 1. go to a hockey game
    59 people
  2. 2. plant a tree for each of my children
    2 cheers
    3 people
  3. 3. Shower in a waterfall.
    1 cheer
    491 people
  4. 4. go to a rock concert
    176 people
  5. 5. go to a symphony
    24 people
  6. 6. visit a concentration camp
    53 people
  7. 7. learn to say no without feeling guilty
    259 people
  8. 8. Practice Yoga
    4,267 people
  9. 9. Go on a road trip
    3,817 people
  10. 10. go on a real roller coaster
    2 people
  11. 11. go to Burning Man
    1,607 people
  12. 12. live in a bus
    1 entry
    13 people
  13. 13. Skydive
    11,446 people
  14. 14. take a wilderness survival course
    31 people
  15. 15. unschool my kids
    6 people
  16. 16. do a charity bike ride
    3 people
  17. 17. Run in a marathon for Cancer
    2 people
  18. 18. go to the Olympics
    510 people
  19. 19. adopt a dog
    593 people
  20. 20. to read all one hundred books on ala's frequently challenged book list
    47 people
  21. 21. learn to ride a horse
    712 people
  22. 22. Swim with dolphins
    8,300 people
  23. 23. Visit The Farm
    4 people
  24. 24. raft the colorado river
    39 people
  25. 25. become a Canadian citizen
    68 people
  26. 26. Learn another language
    4,243 people
  27. 27. participate in a protest
    341 people
  28. 28. adopt a kid
    1 cheer
    228 people
  29. 29. go skinny dipping
    3,202 people
  30. 30. homestead
    1 cheer
    41 people
  31. 31. Participate in a living history Rendezvous
    2 people
  32. 32. catch a fish
    114 people
  33. 33. learn to sail
    2,286 people
  34. 34. stop collecting art supplies and start creating art
    2 cheers
    189 people
  35. 35. fly in a hot air baloon
    682 people
  36. 36. renew my wedding vows
    99 people

How I did it
How to go barefoot
It took me
3 months
It made me
hate shoes!

Recent entries
be car free
it was an accident...

We live without debt so we bought a used vehicle and planned to fix it. The repair place screwed up so badly that they destroyed the engine. They gave us our money back and we signed the vehicle over to them, and suddenly we had three kids and no car!

We’d been considering making the switch to car-free for a while, and it actually was a gradual process which helped. Our friends live with us and they have a tiny car that my husband can sometimes borrow for errands.

On a day-to-day basis my husband carpools to work, we purposely picked a home close to work and shopping so everything is a 10-20 minute walk, or a 10 minute bike ride. We have bikes and trailers for the kids, and we also have slings and strollers. We take the bus or train when we travel further away. It can be done (and it’s cheap too)!

live in a bus
we just bought our bus

We’re starting the conversion this month! I’m very excited.

give birth naturally

Two baby girls, with a midwife and both times in the hospital. But I would consider doing a homebirth next time. It hurts lots, but the experience afterwards is a thousand times better without drugs. You are awake, the baby is alert, and you get this adrenaline rush that makes you feel so good and ready to do anything.

The trick is breathing. I meditated every day for a couple months beforehand and just focused on breathing in and out with an even rhythym. This is all you have to do and you can get through it.

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