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be the wife my husband deserves
i must find a way to thank my husband

i am sitting here with our darling daughter watching my husband run around and tidy the house. i have been sick all week and nothing has gotten done, even daughter has noticed and she is only a toddler! she is so wonderful and is taking such care of us while i am pregnant with our second, but i feel like he does way too much and i don’t know how i can ever make it up to him.

be a better mother than my mother was/is to me
so tired of being sad

i watch my daughter and i swear to god i will never make her feel for one moment like she is not a precious gift. i never want her to feel like she isn’t loved, or that i wish that she was different in any way than just as she is.
i promise that our new baby will never feel like an after thought. i will never make that child feel like a burden, or like they are less than their sister.
i will be there for my children in times of sorrow, if all i can do to help is hold them. i will never forget the lonely feeling of not having a mother to take me in her arms when my world was ending.
i will be there for my children in times of joy, if all that is needed is a witness to their accomplishment. i will never forget the empty feeling of celebrating while my own mother acted as if it an ordinary day.
i will be there for my children for all the days in between. to offer advice where i can, to offer a hand when needed and to offer love at all times. i will never forget that it is in the mundane moments that relationships are grown.
i will never forget the long months of waiting for the chance to be a mother, and the long nights of worry once i was. i will cherish the beautiful souls that we brought into this world and i will never make them doubt how loved they are..


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