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  1. 1. scuba dive with manatees
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  2. 2. Change someone's opionion of the world
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  3. 3. put my handprints in wet cement
    6 people
  4. 4. Put a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea
    889 people
  5. 5. make up a new word and use it in conversation
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  6. 6. visit the Amazon rainforest
    53 people
  7. 7. scream from the top of a mountain
    64 people
  8. 8. Listen to storytellers and then become one
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  9. 9. Walk in a cemetery at night
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  10. 10. see the northern lights
    19,131 people
  11. 11. Backpack through the Middle East
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    10 people
  12. 12. write a song
    5,192 people
  13. 13. Learn from indigeounous tribes
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  14. 14. Pray daily
    514 people
  15. 15. tell George Bush his distant relative is a palestinian-muslim
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  16. 16. shepard a herd of sheep
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  17. 17. swim under a waterfall
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  18. 18. do a charity walk
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  19. 19. Learn to surf
    8,137 people
  20. 20. Learn to play the guitar
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    13,759 people
  21. 21. be wise
    135 people
  22. 22. write a novel
    11,480 people
  23. 23. Kiss in the rain
    15,044 people
  24. 24. record my dreams in a dream journal upon waking each day.
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  25. 25. travel the world
    21,164 people
  26. 26. learn Visual Basic
    92 people
  27. 27. go to a rock concert
    176 people
  28. 28. inspire someone
    1,631 people
  29. 29. ride a horse in full gallop through an open field
    12 people
  30. 30. make a list of 100 quotes that inspire me
    209 people
  31. 31. be in a demonstration protesting against the israeli occupaion
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  32. 32. have conversations late into the night with fascinating people
    2,048 people
  33. 33. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
    21,521 people
  34. 34. learn to drive
    6,752 people
  35. 35. Plant an olive tree in Palestine
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scuba dive with manatees

my scuba diving instructer told me it was the best feeling in the world,,,and she went to a lot of places. scuba diving is amazing, though im starting to develop a fear of the ocean (i havent dived for a long time) i really really need to jump back in and emerse myself in the ocean’s spectacular world.

wear a hatta in the U.S

so i bought this keffiyeh from an old man in jerusalem, with the sweetest personality. anyway i came here, complelty forgot about my goal and walked around WHole foods. best feeling in the wold, i felt like a really expressed my heritage and beliefs toward Palestine. next mission: the mall.

sleep under the stars

I slept on a rooftop with my three friends and we stayed up all night talking and just staring at the stars. The night just went by so quickly, it was truly amazing. But the most amazing part was when I thought, then said, wouldnt it be great if we saw a shooting star. We all gazed at the sky and then one huge shooting star flew across the sky. We were complelty silent, but we all saw it. One of the most amazing moments of my life.
Another smaller one flew by shortly after.

Sleeping under the stars was spectacular.

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