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  3. 3. open a bookstore
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  5. 5. work at a bookstore
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  6. 6. sell our house
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sell our house
Moving from Wisconsin to Florida

My husband, daughter and I are relocating from Milwaukee, WI to Clearwater, FL. Before we can get a permanent place in FL we need to sell out house in Wisconsin. I refuse to even look at any houses until we have an accepted offer because I don’t want to fall in love with something when I know we won’t be able to make an offer on it. We put our house on the market 5 months ago. We’ve had interest, but no offers. Come on stimulus!

work at a bookstore
Killing two birds

Another thing on my list is to open my own bookstore, but that will have to wait a bit. I consider one of the step necessary to obtaining THAT goal is to work at a bookstore first and get the hands-on experience. Besides that, a part time or even full time job would really help right now. I was/am a SAHM and my husband was recently laid-off (thank you recession economy) so we are BOTH looking for work.

Open a bookstore

I should say a Books Etc store because I wouldn’t just sell books, but I think that would be the main focus at least at first. I particularly like the idea of selling used books because it’s green.

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