Diane Stevens

is always procrastinating

I'm doing 35 things

How I did it
How to get married
It took me
13 years
It made me
Super Happy!

How to have a party
It took me
10 days
It made me

How to see family more
It took me
20 days
It made me
slap happy

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Recent entries
Make color collage pictures
Red and Green

I’ve made two color collage pictures so far and one of them was actually chosen to hang in our cafeteria at work and on the west coast in another of our Intuit sites as well! Very exciting!

organize my desk
Clean? What's that?

At work I manage to be quite organized… I need very little at work to be efficient. A laptop, a keyboard, couple monitors… and a box of tissues. A pen and paper is only necessary to assist people that walk up to my desk and ask a question as I record all notes on my computer now… Slowly I organize all my electrical documentation too.
Just need pencils and pens at work since I rarely write anything.. At home.. My office is like after the earthquake.. only 10 times worse.. Ok, maybe 100 times worse.. That wasn’t a strong earthquake. The office is worse than the desk though.

eat more regularly
Food Food Food

I am still not eating regularly. But I am not withholding from eating ANYTHING just because the food around me isn’t the best food in the world. If all I can find is fast food, I will eat that damn fast food and I will not feel guilty.

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