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  1. 1. become anorexic
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  2. 2. lose 50 pounds
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become anorexic (read all 18 entries…)

k so it wasn’t bad AT ALL:]
i’m still at 137
but it was 2 days
and i could have lost 5 more pounds within those days
but it’s okay

i just need to work extra hard today and tomorrow

become anorexic (read all 18 entries…)

k so i haven’t been on in like 2 days becuase of the guilt
i binged both days
so i felt guilty and didn’t think i should even come on here
becuase it would just make me feel bad

but today i will do better
i need to:]
im gunna go weight myself and then i’ll say what happened

hopefully it’s not horrific

become anorexic (read all 18 entries…)

last night i was talking to a friend
and he tried to bribe me into eating
and the thing he tried was so so so funny hahaha:]

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