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April Bootcamp 2014: Coming into Bloom (read all 5 entries…)
Blooms ..and perhaps literal blooms

I’ve been working on my fitness!
-2 walks this week (with some sporadic running), much less painful than the first time! Really trying to pace it easily and read my body right, keeping on eye out for relaxing my back muscles
-Yoga class this week, its full of retirees which I think is a good fit for me right now, It keeps me from pushing myself too much and gives me a good stretch due to long length of pose holding.
-Not eating so well, McDonalds snuck in and got me!, and low consumption of fruit, and esp veggies. Im thinking I may need to turn to shakes and maybe start sneaking greens into them!
-Caught up on my emails needed and acquired extra tests for licensing test practice
-Got my massage
-Lately catching up on some movies and enjoying that downtime. Also, lots of socializing being booked into May which is new for me! Trying to balance it with alone time to keep from getting too overwhelmed!
-In terms of literal blooms, Im considering re-starting my herb garden and re-filling my planter which suffered the unfortunate death of my African violets…maybe my house needs a dose of blooms too.

April Bootcamp 2014: Coming into Bloom (read all 5 entries…)
Blooming is tough work

-We did not take the house because it had poor pipes and the roof would need repairs soon
-We’re now back to looking for agents – one who is more interested in what we want not in just getting things done
-Had a lovely bday celebration with a pedicure at a schamancy spa and a trip to the US to go shopping where I got a new outfit, and then dinner. It was a great series of days and I felt ultra pampered :)
-We worked on a list of communication priorities and I’m trying to see friends while being strict about my study schedule.
-Had a tough run/walk and realized my back really struggles with running but I need cardio so I think for me it will be a slow build up…. off to catch up on more..happy blooming to all!

April Bootcamp 2014: Coming into Bloom (read all 5 entries…)
Buds, blooms and changes are afoot

-We won a housing bid, and may soon be homeowners. The housing inspection was today and there is a pipe system that may have to go but they are willing to make financial compensation so we will see. Im still not sure how I feel about the whole situation though I would say my predominant feeling is anxious. Worried that we won’t be able to make payments, won’t be able to have a life and end up house poor, worried we will have trouble with our current (not nice) landlord when we go, and to top it off will have to go through another awful move. As I read what I wrote,I realize this is alot of worrying, yet Im handeling better than before so Im going to continue with reaching out to others, giving myself recharging walks,painting, reading, and focusing on the things I can change.

Deep breaths too, of course

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