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Go to the dentist
Go To The Dentist

A little bit of pain should never get in the way of those pearly whites

Record An Album For Sarah (read all 2 entries…)
Record an album for Sarah

Okay, this was worthless as a relationship exercise, but ultimately beneficial as a musician.

We both agreed to exercise our talents and create something for eachother. She would create a special rock-braclet for me. I would record an album for her.

In the end, she wound up leaving the country without telling anyone.

I wound up giving the album to her sister.

Sarah came back to Seattle for a week and I ran into her at a local pub and she just waved. This is a person who I would normally have nice conversations with in the past when we saw eachother, so all I could think of is that she probably felt guilty or embarrassed that she couldn’t hold up her end of the deal. Personally, I don’t care that much if she held up the deal or not. I mean, I got some great music out of it. But I think the least she could have done was say, “hey, sorry I didn’t do what I said, but I was in a really bad place. maybe someday we’ll meet again and I’ll make it up to you”. But its been my experience that people just don’t have much integrity. Oh well. Next….

Sell or get rid of my "heap of music Equipment" I don't use anymore!
Sell off unwanted music equipment

this one was a red herring. i didn’t actually find any equipment that i don’t use any more or isn’t ready to hand over to the sand-people….

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