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put together and distribute a CD of my work

I guess the most difficult issue I’m having with this is in choosing which pieces to include. Not just in terms of specific compositions or recordings but also in the broader sense of which genre. I have more than enough material available, but as I don’t at the moment have quite the disposable resources available to make a disc release in each of the styles I play, and as the styles and pieces vary widely enough across genres1,2,3 that I don’t think they would work together on a single disc I need to choose in which style to limit this first project.

The secondary issue would be, once a disc is put together: which distribution/sales route to pursue? Professional pressing/duplication? DIY? Then, CDBaby? The FYELocaleyez program? Handle it myself/inhouse via PayPal or the like?

Suggestions welcome.

  1. compositions/classical/neo-classical styles: e.g., myspace (four tracks) and tagworld (twenty-four tracks)
  2. solo/melodic bass guitar improv and/or old style jazz: e.g., myspace
  3. I also do some experimental, ambient/dark ambient work, though I don’t yet have any representative examples online; if I put a profile for that, I’ll update this or post another entry for this goal. (Edit: Vocembrifex )

complete my LibraryThing

At some point I’d like to be able to complete my LibraryThing by getting my entire collection entered on the site, as well as fully tagging and reviewing the volumes of that collection.

finish the violin arrangement of Ständchen (read all 2 entries…)
Given up

I’ve abandoned this particular project; having heard I Salonisti’s rendition of this work as a piano and violin duet (it was originally for voice and piano), I really saw no particular point in completing my effort at a solo violin arrangement. For any who might be interested – should there be such a one – as much as I had finished may be heard here (mp3, approx. 1.3MB, one minute and twenty-five seconds playtime).

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