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  1. 1. be a vegetarian for a week
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  2. 2. eat healthier
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  3. 3. meet new people
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  4. 4. make more friends
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  5. 5. drink more water
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  6. 6. Take more pictures
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  7. 7. Work out 3 times a week
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  8. 8. Try new recipes.
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  9. 9. be more patient
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  10. 10. eat less sugar
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eat less sugar

I eat more sugar then I care to admit. It is seriously an addiction. I cold never cut it completely but I need to cut back. This is going to take some serious will power

Take more pictures

I have 2 Nikon cameras with every lens imaginable and I still dont know how to use them correctly. I have 2 daughters and dont take nearly enough pictures of them. I just hate lugging around that huge camera.

Try new recipes.

Im a good cook and I dont use recipes. It seems like I do cook the same things more often then I would like. So i decided to venture out and start using the 30 cookbooks I have in my pantry!

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