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  1. 1. Distance myself from those "friends" trying to help with their "constructive criticism".
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  2. 2. Take more pictures
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  3. 3. Buy a new digital camera
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  4. 4. Start my own business.
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  5. 5. Continue learning how to bellydance
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  6. 6. Share my photos with family and friends.
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  7. 7. Save more money.
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  8. 8. Write and send more letters via USPS.
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  9. 9. Organize all my sewing patterns.
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  10. 10. Make my candy again.
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  11. 11. Get one more tatoo.
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  12. 12. Be able to take my niece & daughter to one of the Disney parks within the next year.
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  13. 13. Get something published.
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  14. 14. Go on another cruise
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  15. 15. Get my passport.
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  16. 16. be a better friend and email/phone/see friends on regular basis
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  17. 17. Complete any unfinished costumes.
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  18. 18. Buy another house.
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  19. 19. Paint my office/sewing room.
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  20. 20. Finally buy those "white out" contact lenses.
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  21. 21. Have the photos done.
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  22. 22. Buy that new desktop computer already.
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  23. 23. Tell him......
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  24. 24. Paint and decorate my daughter's bedroom in the Asian theme she's been asking for.
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  25. 25. Re-organize my bedroom
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  26. 26. Buy those travel sized goodies from Sephora for D*C
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  27. 27. Update my address book.
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  28. 28. Have the "business" cards redone.
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  29. 29. Finish THAT class.
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  30. 30. Get my stuff out of storage within the next 2 months
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How I did it
How to move to dallas texas
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Get rid of the dead weight.

An ex-husband and a couple of “friends”...I don’t ask much of people, which may be a problem, but when I do ask I make damn well sure it’s not someting impossible..Like simple respect..Those who couldn’t deliver on that simple reuest are no longer in my life.

Distance myself from those "friends" trying to help with their "constructive criticism". (read all 2 entries…)
I think they're all gone

Those that were left, have left..
I guess my lack of interest in ANYTHING they had to say, finally helped them get the hint..

Lose ten more pounds by the end of 2007

I stopped paying too uch attention to the weight..
I did cut out alot of “bad for me” foods, and that worked wonders.
When different friends see you and the second thing they say(the first being hello) is “you’ve lost alot of weight”(and not in a snarky way). You know you’re doing something good.

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