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For April 10, 2014
When life seems a lot less beautiful then it’s time for a dose of gratitude. The less beautiful:
  • My DH and I came home from a week-end getaway to find the association had buzzed all of the shrubbery in the neighborhood. Not a bush in sight. It’s stark, it’s ugly.
  • According to the delivery service, they successfully delivered the package inside of our screen door. So someone apparently stole it. Perhaps it was a prank? [Not laughing.]
  • When I drove into the office parking lot today I found to my dismay yet more changes to the landscaping. The entire line of trees in the lot were chopped down. All of them. The chopping and hacking is depressing me, except, no! I am focusing on this instead:
    1. The enchanting low-lying fog at the forest’s edge as I drove to work yesterday.
    2. Honestly, truly, wonderfully GREEN grass.
    3. The charming two-year-old boy next door and his high-fives.
    4. The birds!
    5. My DH handling so many chores.

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43 Seconds

That’s all it took in overtime last night for Patrick Sharp to shoot the game-winning goal, to beat the Canadiens at the last home game for the Blackhawks.

record my encounters with 43 (read all 110 entries…)
43 Points for a 43-year-old

Back in February, 43-year-old Teemu Selanne participated on the Finnish ice hockey team for the sixth time. He is the all-time leader in scoring at the Olympic ice hockey tournament with 43 points in his career. Wikipedia source.

In the NHL, he plays for the Ducks in Anaheim.

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