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Anyone want to coach each other through this?

I was looking around to see if there is anything like a 43 Things-type service that hooks up people to actually sort of assist them through the nitty-gritty of getting an application/resume package sent.

I read about the way individuals are hiring assistants for office type help through, but of course that costs money. I came back to 43 Things to see if they’d added a sub-service where people use IM and/or email to set up specific tasks, talk about them a little, and then kind of life-coach each other to completion.

Sort of a combination of advisor/monitor/life coach/procrastination assistant…

If you’re not able to pay someone to do this, there are people like spouses and partners, but that can get tricky because of relationship issues. So some kind of third party monitor who could at least be there to witness the plan and check in on its execution with occasional email or chat exchanges might be useful.

Of course, knowing my ability to blow things off, you’d have to have a sort of suspension exemption or “PAUSE” button. That is, you might, for good or bad reasons, need to put the project/task on indefinite hold. Calling it a “free pass” button” would be a no questions asked way of turning off the coaching project without either one having to feel bad about it. And being able to come back to it if you decide to. That way, neither party threatens to become a negative to be avoided.

Anyway, thinking aloud and babbling. If anyone has seen something like this somewhere or thinks there might be a way to do it via 43 Things, by all means…

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This was me being sarcastic.

Also, I tried the real thing for the heck of it. It’s haaard…

bust a cap in my therapy's ass
Not quite like I "did" this...

...I mean it’s ongoing, and I’m still far from done. But something started to change a few years back in various subtle ways.

If I ventured to point to what exactly I started doing in relation to therapy… Well, I started listening a little more closely in there and taking it a bit more to heart, perhaps. I took on the themes/ideas/insights coming out of sessions to try to start at least analyzing them on my own terms. Also, I think I started paying closer attention to the gamut of messages I was giving myself, from the good to the bad.

Vague, I know. But if I had to sum up the various changes, all I could say is that there was something of a clearing up in them all. (And this happened to include in my physical/organizational life, a plunge into the GTD system.)

Finally, this clearing up caused a lot of little “letting go’s” and I think that’s important.

The other thing I should mention is some effects from joining Alanon. This was a later consequence of making some progress in therapy.

Now, have I took steps forward AND back along these paths? Um…
Yeah. But that’s for another topic.

Truth is, I hope to come back here in a year or two and say I’ve moved on, Part II. Cuz I’m not done. I just feel surprisingly good about where I’ve come since posting that item (especially given how bad things can seem on bad days.)

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